Toji Cultural Center Program

Children and teenagers try their hand at
writing at the place where Pak Kyongni lived
and practiced her art, and watch specially
arranged performances.
Those who take part in the Youth Writing
Contest are encouraged to take a step
closer to realizing their ...

Toji Residency Program

Toji Residency Program has been designed to
invite writers and artists from Korea and around
the world to Toji Cultural Centre and let them
stay, work on their creativity, and engage in
their own works during their stay. While writers
and artists stay for residency program, they
are able to form a wider ...

Pak Kyongni Prize

The Pak Kyongni Prize was established by the
Toji Cultural Foundation to commemorate the late
author Pak Kyongni (1926 - 2008) and to
contribute to the development of world literature.
The prize is awarded for life-long literary
achievements evident in the entire body of works
by one author, not just a single title of ...

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